Our Industry Focus


We ensure the supply-chain management is continuous from the point of sourcing raw materials to the end product.

Aircraft on Ground (AOG) Logistics

We have a team of aviation logistics department who always ensures that AOG situation is timely addressed.

Oil and Gas

We work closely with oil & gas companies to ensure that, we adhere to industry regulations and standards are met.

Pharmaceuticals & Medical Equipments

Pharmaceutical industry is one of our most focus given the nature of changing medical needs in our society.

Food & Beverage

We work with both hospitality industry and retail chain supermarkets to ensure constand supplies of the FMCG.

Agricultural Equipments

Agriculture being one of the most economic activity in our country, we give the correct advisory on matters Imports.

Construction & Civil Engineering

We aim to make sure that the expectations of our clients, engineer and all stakeholders are fully complied with.

DGR (Dangerous Goods)

The health, safety and welfare of our customers is significantly important to us and it is our priority.

FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods)

We understand the ever changing needs of consumer goods and we strive to ensure supply continuity.

Automobile Importation

We offer pre-importation advice on automobile to our clients across the globe (SBT Japan Company Ltd.)

Beauty & Cosmetics

We undertake a variety of Imports for Beauty and Cosmetics from small SME's and Large Multinational Importers.

GSA - General Aviation Services

We are excited to work with both local and international airlines to ensure that GSA-Cargo Sales is achieved.