Investors Expectation.

As a logistics provider’s organizational model can determine its development and growth opportunities. The standalone organization model is attractive to companies in search of faster growth through acquisitions.

The simplified structure and locally managed, autonomous business units make it easier to integrate new business operations, with limited disruptions of day-to-day operations.

Growth at Enron.

To create a winning and repeatable growth formula, Enron East Africa Limited enhances its capabilities by issuing “Private Placement Memorandum” (PPM) or “Initial Public Offering” (IPO) with both corporate and individual investors who are looking forward to invest their money with us for a positive Return on their Investments.

We have developed a simple, clearly defined integration process as well as the necessary tools, such as training and IT, to quickly expand our footprint to become one of those leading logistical companies in East Africa and beyond.

In the evolving logistics marketplace, winners understand that there is no single path to success. They overtake competitors by selecting an organizational model that best supports their corporate strategy. They also ensure that the strategy matches their targeted customer segments.

Corporate Governance Structure.

Enron East Africa Limited’s corporate governance principles for public and private investors, Our board of directors and our shareholders are intended to provide a basic framework for sound, long-term oriented governance. But given the differences among our many private companies – including their size, their products and services, their history and their leadership – not every principle (or every part of every principle) will work for every company, and not every principle will be applied in the same fashion by all companies.

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