Express Standard Door to Door Delivery

Enron East Africa Limited is a partner you can count on for world-class supply chain management and custom solutions to leverage efficiencies for optimized performance. Every project has its own unique requirements, and Enron East Africa Limited will develop a comprehensive solution with services tailored to your changing logistics needs Same day, next day, or 2nd day service includes, exclusive use of vehicle, next flight out services, and air charter or courier.

What Sets Us Apart

We believe that, a freight/forwarding firm should be more than a clearing agent. So, we put ourselves in our clients’ shoes, selling advisory and outcomes, not handling of cargo or projects only.

We align our incentives with our clients’ by linking our fees to their results and collaborate to unlock the full potential of their business. Our Results Delivery Process (RDP) builds our clients’ capabilities, and our True Notch values means, we do the right thing for our clients, people and communities—always.